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Summer Newsletter: 2020

Hello friends of ResonateYou!

It’s July 17th and what a whirlwind the last five months have been. Like many of you, as a working parent with my elementary-aged child at home, I was working to keep up with life and world events, figuring out how to live in a COVID-19 world, providing support to and educating myself about the Black Lives Matter movement, and continuing to sustain my business amidst everything else.

Sound familiar? Deep breaths. I am not here to go over what you already know, but to share in the journey a little. I am writing because I finally feel like I am coming up for air, and am able to communicate thoughtfully.

I am forever thankful to the eight weekly and six every-other week students who showed up online through Zoom March - July of 2020, so that we could continue to make music through teaching and learning, and so that I could continue to sustain myself during the quarantine. Working made me feel a little less crazy, and a lot more connected! We even had a successful online Voice Recital on Friday, May 27.

During that time, we all went into a cocoon of survival, going inward physically and often emotionally. It was even hard to really write and reflect in the flutter of that time (I am thinking of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).

So what have we learned from the past five months? What are we doing differently?

Obviously, life looks very different and many of us are all accommodating to meet the new “normal.” My take aways from the business perspective:

We are grieving the idea that group singing indoors, in places of workshop, or outdoors, close together in large groups may have to be on hold for awhile, due to the high risk of transmission. If this is new information to you, or you would like more information, you can look at the resources I've posted on my website to learn more.

Singing (even online through Zoom) truly satisfies the soul. Each week, when I interact with a student for her or his voice lesson, their eyes light up, their passion is ignited, their focus becomes turned on, and we work together. We work technically (on the voice and notes), passionately (through repertoire), and interconnectedly (through each other). Having a real, interpersonal relationship with someone outside the home, is invaluable at this time. It also gives the student a sense of responsibility, structure, accountability, and creativity.

Singing online is connection, more than I ever thought it could be.

After teaching for 20 years, I was happily surprised that I was still able to "hear” what was going on with the student’s voice physiologically through the sound. I was able to adapt, and so were they. In fact, they were sometimes better than me because of their young resilience! And they were asked to step up and do more in the ways like finding accompaniment/karaoke tracks, and increasing their capability during this time.

Changing Spaces:

Many of you know that my one-year lease is up on the studio space that I only arrived in last summer. After teaching at other places for so long, it was a dream come true to be in that space and begin my own business. While I need to leave the space to cut overhead and continue to be sustainable, I will continue to meet singers online for the time being. It’s working, and I am looking to expand my studio, come the fall!


  • Because online teaching works very, very well.

  • Because teaching and learning to sing with a mask on is not my preference. While I support the use of masks to limit transmission in public places, using one in the studio is not conducive for learning.

  • Because voice teaching in person indoors has a higher risk for (unknowing) transmission of the COVID-19.

  • Because teaching without the anxiety of transmission (either way) is a major goal of mine.

  • Because singing is a necessary activity for our soul.

  • Because the gift of music helps us feel grounded, safe, connected, and even healed.

  • Because I want to be able to continue to offer my special services in the world of voice teaching.

While I have had local students in the last year, I am also excited that this platform may open up the “non-local” community to voice teaching. Perhaps if you’ve always wanted to take a lesson from me, but don’t live in Lancaster, we can now work together!

So, if YOU’D like to become a voice student, NOW is the time to join! Sign-up here.


Last year, I started this business with also beginning to educate people about Vibrational Sound Therapy through Singing Bowls, and the power of sound healing. If you were lucky enough to have a VST session, thank you for being a client. I have had to put that component of my business on hold for now, but hope to share my voice and sound healing through some online offerings in the future.

Also, I will be sending out some surveys soon to glean what people might be interested in learning from me now that I will be online.

If you have ideas about what YOU might want to learn from me, pop me an email or fill out an upcoming survey…if you'd like to get a survey, please get your name on our mailing list.

When the survey is ready, be sure to put your name and email on the survey. I will be reaching out to those who answer the survey, and you will be eligible for discounts on the future online offerings that I will be providing!

My Music Staff:

Current students have begun getting to know the MyMusicStaff (MMS) online platform for scheduling lessons, reading lesson notes, seeing invoices, and making payments.

As a new student, you’ll be able to access your own student portal in MMS, helping us to engage and interact in a more updated and professional way.

The rest of the summer, I hope to engage in some “al fresco” lessons with students, and I hope YOU get to engage in some sort of vacation to take a physical and mental break.

Until we see each other again in person, or online, be well.


All the best, Jen @ ResonateYou

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