Voice lessons are the heart of ResonateYou. My favorite place is in the studio, actively helping to meet your individual goals as a singer and/or performer. 


We sing because it feels good! We like the feeling of sound coming out of our bodies. Sound and vibration releases tension in our bodies. Certain types of music makes us feel happy and relaxed. Other music challenges us and makes us feel “moved” by the heartache that we might feel when we hear or sing it. We feel moved to sing the songs that we like, because we have that hunger inside of us to create something beautiful.

If you are interested in signing up for voice lessons:



Private, one-on-one lessons, are tailored specifically to YOUR voice, body, and goals. I will teach you the basic facts that inform you of your body as your instrument. I help you identify what parts of your voice are already functioning well. We want to keep those healthy patterns! I will help you identify the parts of your voice/instrument in which you can change/grow/adjust to help you reach your goals as a singer.


What to expect: Most lessons are a combination of both vocal technique and learning songs. When we get started, we will most likely be more focused on technique, and as we gain momentum with your voice, we will begin to learn more song repertoire. We will go over your goals and come up with an individual plan just for you.


"How long are lessons?"

Lessons can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes long. Lessons can be weekly, or twice a month. At your initial lesson or consult, we can talk about what length is most appropriate for your level and goals.

"How much are lessons?"

Lessons are approximately $1/minute, or $30 for a 30 minute lesson and so on with monthly plans (or 4 lessons/month). They are a little bit higher if you take less than 4 lessons a month. See details in pricing below.


"What styles of music do you teach?"

All kinds!

  • I am trained in Contemporary Commercial Music or "CCM": Pop, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Country, Soul, R&B. I do have classical training as well, but "CCM" is my specialty.

  • I draw especially from Somatic Voicework™ training (meaning "of the body"), or the LoVetri Method: learning that your body is your instrument, with special emphasis on registration (head voice, chest voice, and mix/belt).  

  • Good healthy technique comes from a healthy instrument, and we learn to sing with stylistic integrity of the music in the style of which it what intended: meaning...if it's a pop song, you wouldn't sing it in a classical style and vice versa!

"What is YOUR training and background?"

Snapshot of Training:

Somatic Voicework™, the LoVetri Method at Shenandoah University: 2010, 2013, 2015

M.A. in Music Theatre from New York University, 2004

Florence Voice Seminar: Swarthmore College/Westminster Choir College, 2001

B.A. in Music from Gettysburg College, 1999

Snapshot of Teaching Experience:​

Linden Hall School for Girls, Voice Faculty, Choral Director, Music Program Coordinator, 2015-2019

Popovsky Performing Arts, 2010-2015

Pennsylvania Academy of Music, 2008-2010

Manhattan School of Music, 2006-2008

New York University, 2002-2004

Snapshot of Performing Experience:

Theaters: Fulton Theatre, Prima, Opera Company of Lancaster, Children's Theatre of New Jersey, New York University Steinman School for the Arts, Montgomery Theatre Project

Favorite Shows (Roles): The Light in the Piazza (Clara), Les Miserables, Chess (Florence), Georgie O'Keefe: A Woman on Paper (Anita Politzer), Hair (Jeanie), A New Brain (the Thin Nurse), Arithmetickles! (Emcee), Working (the Waitress), Jesus Christ Superstar, Guys and Dolls (Sgt. Sarah Brown), The Sound of Music (Liesl)


One-time 30 minute lesson: $35

One-time 45 minute lesson: $50

One-time 60 minute lesson: $65

Four-Pack Lessons / Monthly Pricing:

Four 30 minute lessons: $120 (or $30/lesson)

Four 45 minutes lessons: $180 (or $45/lesson)

Four 60 minute lessons: $240 (or $60/lesson)

PAYMENT: At this time, I accept cash or check, Venmo, or PayPal.

If you are interested in signing up for voice lessons:

Breathing in, I am fully alive.     Breathing out, I let go of fear.

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