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“As a parent I've been thrilled with my daughter’s experience with Jennifer at ResonateYou.  Jen has been a real gift to her in terms of her lessons, why she's doing what she's doing with her voice and how to build and grow it.  She often tells me after her lesson how much she's learned.  From a parents perspective you can't ask for any more than that!  Jen is also an excellent communicator letting you know what's going on with the studio and her new online scheduling platform is fantastic and super easy to navigate.  Bottom line we could not be happier!”

- Lanie G., parent of 10th grader

“I have learned so much since joining ResonateYou. Miss Lobo teaches me about music and how to use my voice while being fun and supportive. ResonateYou is an amazing studio.”

Sarah Z. -9th grader

“As someone with severe anxiety, I find voice lessons to be very therapeutic.  Throughout the years of studying with Jen, I find her understanding, nurturing, and comfortable to work with.  I always leave each lesson feeling better about myself.”

- AJ L., adult student

“I am blown away by the amount of knowledge Jennifer brings to her teaching.  She is a gifted, patient teacher.  Jennifer also works well with my daughter on the emotional/spiritual side of sharing her voice.”

- Katie O., parent of 8th grader

“Provides a positive musical experience to strengthen and develop the whole person.  Fun and engaging voice exercises, expressive with words and explanations, very kind and caring teacher who shines in all her lessons.

- Rachel B, parent of pre-teen


“I took weekly voice lessons with Jennifer for over five years when I was in middle/high school, and it was always a highlight of my week. Lessons gave me a safe space to explore and grow my voice. She guided with joy and care, and I learned and developed a lot vocally as her student. Not only is she a wonderful teacher, but she is also a radiant, loving person who I am thankful to have in my life. I would often leave lessons feeling inspired and energized for singing thanks to her gracious spirit. Thanks to people in my life like Jennifer, my love for singing led me to pursue musical theater in college, and I now am a voice teacher myself as well. If you are looking to develop as a singer, I highly recommend Jennifer for her expertise and spirit!”

-Alina Stephenson, graduate of Pace University's Music Theatre Program 

Learn more about Alina at:

“Jen was one of, if not the best voice teacher of my career so far. I learned how to mature my voice in both classical and musical theater, both of which I was very passionate about. I felt very comfortable with Jen and also felt that we could talk as friends if need be. Our lessons were always very productive and on top of that, she got me through all 12 of my college auditions and that helped jumpstart my career into performing. Because of Jen, now I am a music teacher so I can pass on the foundation she gave me to other students and I also still perform as well. I’m very thankful to Jen and her teaching as I feel that without it, I wouldn’t be on the career path I am today.”

- Bea Osborne., graduate of Temple University's Boyer School of Music

“Jennifer is the reason I truly learned how to sing properly.  I had some understanding about the physicality of singing, but she not only furthered my scientific understanding of my vocals and such, but exquisitely taught the art of singing and performing; learning how to mix, for example, is one of the most valuable tools I learned from Jennifer.  In addition, she navigates when to push/encourage her students, getting them out of their comfort zones thus improving their vocal abilities and gaining confidence in themselves.”

- Mary Kate Kruhm, find her on Youtube and Instagram 

“I couldn't possibly say enough positive things about my experience with Jennifer Lobo. Throughout our 4+ years of voice lessons, Jen was incredibly supportive and thorough in her teaching. Whenever we worked through a piece of music for an audition or just for fun, she helped me connect the dots between the technical (breath support, stance, jaw placement, etc.) and emotional aspects of my voice. She showed so much grace and patience while providing feedback that was understandable and applicable. And, more than anything else, she made learning and performing music fun! I would recommend her services to anyone.”

-Dezi Sommerville Donaldson, graduate of Millersville University

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