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Online Courses

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The Voice Fundamentals Course
  • Six Learning Modules: Pre-recorded, learning tutorials

  • Go at your own pace.

  • 60+ Videos and printables.

  • Keep forever as a resource.

What you'll learn...

Pre-Week: Writing Your Vision & Things to Prep For Your Journey

Module 1: The Source: The Breath/Respiration

Module 2: The Body:  Relaxation, Stance, and the Articulators

Module 3: The Sound (Phonation), Pt. 1 : Head Voice/Chest Voice

Module 4: The Sound (Phonation, Pt. 2: Mixing & Belting

Module 5: Vocal Health & Anatomy

Module 6: Affirmations & Singing Your Song

Bonuses: Jen's Song and Other Resources

Along the journey, you'll also learn how to practice, resources for finding music, accompaniment tracks, and the stages of vocal development.

If you'd like to learn about how your body is your instrument and how YOU can access it, feel, and understand it, this is the course for you.


I also ask all new private voice students to take this course in tandem with their private lessons.

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The Voice Exercise Library

Can't think of how to warm-up?

Press play.

Now sure what exercises to use for strengthening a certain register?

Just do a quick search in the library, and choose from the options and sing along!

The Voice Exercise Library contains 25+ videos (and growing) that are 2-8 min. long, to help you do the following:

1. Warm-up the body

2. Breath work and lip trills

3. Focus on certain registrations: Chest or Head Voice

4. Mix Exercises

5. Playlists that include all of the above for a full work-out!

Use the drop down menus to narrow now by style, registration, type, length, etc.

If you've taken from me before, or know a bit about how to sing, this a GREAT resource to use in your practice.

I will continue to ADD more videos each month to continue to GROW. Buy once, keep forever, and enjoy the automatic upgrades (additional videos to come).

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Intoning on the Chakras

A three-part series introducing you to intoning on the Seven Chakras in the body. 

This form of Sound Meditation is a therapeutic, self-care exercise that you can learn easily and do for yourself anytime you need grounding or clearing, or as a daily mediation.

Part 1: Intro to the Chakras and Seed Mantras

  • Learn what and where and about the Seven Chakra System in the body​

  • Learn the seed mantras and colors that are often intoned with each chakra

  • Learn how to intone (sustain a long tone) on each chakra

Part 2: Full Practice: Guided Sound Mediation on the Seven Chakras

Part 3: Tips on Breath Work, Voice Work and Variations on the theme:

  • You will learn how to fully relax the jaw and throat to increase flow in the sustaining of the tone

  • You will learn how to engage your breath (ribcage, abdominals), to help support the flow of air

  • You will learn that many variations of pitches to honor your unique needs.

Not sure which course is right for you?

Reach out to Jen @ ResonateYou to set up a consult:

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