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Sing Your Heart Out
  • Six Learning Modules: Pre-recorded, learning tutorials

  • Go at your own pace.

  • Videos and printables.

  • Keep forever as a resource.

What you'll learn...

Pre-Week: Writing Your Vision & Things to Prep For Your Journey

Module 1: The Source: The Breath/Respiration

Module 2: The Body:  Relaxation, Stance, and the Articulators

Module 3: The Sound (Phonation), Pt. 1 : Head Voice/Chest Voice

Module 4: The Sound (Phonation, Pt. 2: Mixing & Belting

Module 5: Vocal Health & Anatomy

Module 6: Affirmations & Singing Your Song

Bonuses: Jen's Song and Other Resources

Along the journey, you'll also learn how to practice, resources for finding music, accompaniment tracks, and the stages of vocal development.

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Voice Exercise Library

The Voice Exercise Library are 2-8 min. videos that help you do the following:

1. Warm-up the body

2. Breath work and lip trills

3. Focus on certain registrations: Chest or Head Voice

4. Helpful Mix Exercises

5. Playlists that include all of the above for a full work-out!

Use the drop down menus to narrow now by style, registration, type, length, etc.

I will continue to ADD more videos each month to continue to GROW. This began in Jan. 2022, and currently has about 25 videos to choose from.

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Intoning on the Chakras

A three-part series introducing you to intoning on the Seven Chakras in the body. 

This form of Sound Meditation is a therapeutic, self-care exercise that you can learn easily and do for yourself anytime you need grounding or clearing, or as a daily mediation.

Part 1: Intro to the Chakras and Seed Mantras

  • Learn what and where and about the Seven Chakra System in the body​

  • Learn the seed mantras and colors that are often intoned with each chakra

  • Learn how to intone (sustain a long tone) on each chakra

Part 2: Full Practice: Guided Sound Mediation on the Seven Chakras

Part 3:Tips on Breath Work, Voice Work and Variations on the theme:

  • You will learn how to fully relax the jaw and throat to increase flow in the sustaining of the tone

  • You will learn how to engage your breath (ribcage, abdominals), to help support the flow of air

  • You will learn that many variations of pitches to honor your unique needs.