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Ready to release your voice?

Find your inner calm through your own vibrations. 


A simple 3 - Part Video Series
gets you started.

In less than 60 minutes, you will be on your way to learning a voice-based meditation practice.


You can use this daily, a couple of times a week, or anytime you need grounding and a sense of peace. 


This practice combines Eastern philosophies of Intoning on Seed Mantras (like Ohm) and using the Seven Chakra System, with the Western practice of using sound therapy to let the vibrations of your own voice help balance and calm your nervous system.


Simply put, this practice leads to improved emotional and mental well-being, using the vibrations of your own voice.

Part 1

Intro to Sound Meditation & Intoning on the Chakras
  • Insight into how sound meditation works on the nervous system

  • Learn the 7-system Chakras in the Body

  • How to Intone on the seed mantras for each chakra


Part 2

Full Guided Meditation with Jen
  • 10 minutes to ground, center, and refocus

  • Easy to follow along

  • Use anytime you need it, on-demand.

Part 3

  • If your throat feels tight, or are needing help with your breath, this part helps you to troubleshoot how to do the practice with ease.

  • Detailed voicework and breathwork with Jen

  • Variations to make it completely unique for you


If you hear yourself saying...

"I am so curious about sound meditation, but I don't know where to start."

This is your starting point.


"I am not comfortable with my voice, how can I possibly do this?"


You can, and I can help get you there.


"I am tired of triggers in songs, and using my voice as a commodity."


You can use your voice soothe your soul.

sound meditation singing bowls_edited.jpg

I am offering this 3-Part Video Course at only $49.
In less than 60 minutes, you will be on your way to doing this self-guided practice.
Find your center, calm, and grounding through your own voice.
You can do it, and I can help!

And until Wed., Aug. 2nd, get 50% off! Only $24.50!

Use code "50CHAKRA" at check out.

It's time.


About your instructor

Jen Lobo, owner of ResonateYou, has been helping people find their singing voices for over twenty years.

As a singer, voice teacher, and sound practitioner, she can help you unlock and release your voice too.

Jen believes that everyone has a right to sing and feel good about their voice.

Learn more about Jen here.

Not Sure Yet?

If you want to learn more, explore by receiving a FREE downloadable .pdf of the Seven Chakra System, with the 7 Seed Mantras.

Print out this HOW TO INTONE guide and put it somewhere you will see it daily.

Any more questions?

If you're curious and would like to know more, email me at

Breathing in, I am fully Alive.
Breathing out, I let go of fear.

sound meditation singing bowls_edited.jpg

Get centered. Find your voice.

It's time. 

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