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The Somatic

Where your body is your instrument:
A Group Voice Class unlike anything you've experienced before

Create Joy
Gain Confidence
Sing Better
 Ten-Week Class

Next In-person cohorts
April 1st and 2nd,
Monday Cohort:  6:30 - 7:45pm 
April 1 - June 3

Tuesday Cohort:  10:00 -11:15am 
April 2 - June 4

Have you heard yourself saying?

"I've always had this voice inside of me waiting to come out."

"I can "kind of" sing, but I wish I could do it better. I just don't know how."

"I am tired of YouTube tutorials. I need personal feedback."

"Singing gives me joy, but I am afraid to do it around others."

Find your confidence.
Find your joy.
Find your singing voice.

Jen Lobo Rose, owner of ResonateYou, singer since age 9, and voice teacher for over 20+ years, offers...

The Somatic Singing Class
A 10-Week Experience to fully connect you to your voice, your body, and your confidence in singing
Body movement.png

Learning Goals:

  • Learn what IS working for you. Fill in the gaps of what's NOT working.

  • Understand your body as your instrument. It's not just your voice!

  • Learn what breath support is and how it ACTUALLY works so that you can ALWAYS depend on it, and it's ALWAYS there for you!

  • Learn the 3 Vocal registers: chest / head / and mix voices: how to hear them and feel them correctly.

  • Apply the 3 Vocal registers to different songs and styles. This takes a lot of repetition and is so HELPFUL in a group setting.

  • Develop Nervous System Regulation: a key component to being able to relax and release your voice. We'll be learning concepts to help CALM your nerves as you sing.

  • Do it wrong, until you do it right. We will make loud, wrong, and funny sounds as we learn. These sounds are WELCOME and INHERENT to learning to sing!

  • At the end of the 10 weeks, sing a song in front of others. ONLY IF you feel you are ready and want to have that opportunity in a SAFE SPACE.

Jen Lobo Rose endeavors to create "safe spaces", or as much as we are able to provide, for you to learn and nurture your voice.

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Each LIVE class will be a combination of:

  • Somatic body warm-up

  • Somatic mindfulness interoception (i.e. noticing what's happening inside the body)

  • Nervous system regulation exercises

  • Vocal warm-up and vocal toning

  • Focus / Content learning of the day

  • Specific voice exercises relating to the learning content of the day

  • Interaction with other students

  • Coaching with individuals as they self-elect (optional).

We will sing together as a group, in exercises and accessible songs in order to:

  • Provide comfort and safety with lots of voices surrounding you (you won't have to sing alone!)

  • Experience the vibration of all the voices together creating connection and social engagement.

  • Feel stronger in your own voice with the support of singing with others.

  • Have FUN by using your voice with others on a weekly basis!

Computer and Phone Video_edited.jpg


  • 10 interactive, once-a week, 75 minute classes (in person or online electives)

  • The "Sing Your Heart Out" Voice Fundamentals Course, providing 7 Modules:

    • Video Tutorials to support your learning in between classes (just press play and listen)

    • Video Exercises to support your personal practice in between classes

  • All of these combine to help support your learning and personal practice.

What will we do over the 10 weeks?

  • Weeks 1 - 5  are centered on the education of "your body as your instrument."

  • Weeks 6 - 9 are a time where each student (by self-election) has the opportunity to be coached for everyone's learning benefit. We will also continue to sing together as a group.

  • Week 10 will culminate in a time to sing your song in a safe space setting.

What will you gain from your experience?

Client experiences:

My ability to notice why I'm struggling has increased exponentially.
My range and control have also dramatically improved.
Singing just feels easier now.

Zak L., Lancaster, PA


Stay accountable and on track with the support of a LIVE, 75 minute, teaching setting each week.

(In-Person or Online offerings)

Each week we will focus on a new learning module that works in tandem with what you'll learn at home.

You can ask your burning questions and get the answers directly. Singing in a group setting helps to raise the parasympathetic part of our nervous system. We feel better, physiologically, after singing together!

On-Demand Video
Tutorials and Exercises

The curriculum will feature the "Sing Your Heart Out" Voice Fundamentals Course: 7 Modules, 60+ three to twelve minute Learning Tutorials, and 25+ vocal exercise videos.


You will receive online access to this course and it will work in tandem with the 10-week LIVE class.

These are go-at-your-own pace as well, and you can keep this curriculum as a resource.

Small Cohort

Each cohort is dedicated to a small, intimate group setting of no more than 12 - 15 people total.


We will be "partnering up" with others during the course to experience some of the bodywork and vocalizations. 

This peer-to-peer work also helps gain trust and "aha" moments as you learn and grow.

FUN in a Safe Space

Singing is FUN - for many people it is! This is the overarching goal of this class! When we feel better about our singing voice, we feel even more joy in the action of singing together. 

You have a right to enjoy your singing voice in the participation of life's music events.

Wanna learn more?

See a video of the class in action!

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Imagine yourself

Singing with confidence, ease, and joy with others.




Soundwise Health Studio

Liberty Place

313 W. Liberty St.

Lancaster, PA

(full directions given after registration)

Evening Class:

Mondays, 6:30-7:15pm

April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

May 6, 13, 20, 27

June 3

Daytime Class:

Tuesdays, 10:00-11:15am

April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

May 7, 14, 21, 28

June 4

Tuition info:

Tuition: $300 for Ten 75 min. classes

Curriculum Materials: $269 for the "Sing Your Heart Out" Voice Fundamentals Course

Seven Modules, 60+ learning tutorials, 25+ vocal exercise videos

Total: $569 One-time payment

Or Installment Plan: One-down payment of $250 followed by two more payments of $169 every 30 days.

Registration & Consult info:

Registration is now OPEN!

After your registration is complete, I will review it to learn more about you and see if you are a right fit for the class experience.


If you are accepted to the class, you can make the tuition payment.

Consult: A 15-20 min. zoom consult is required before or after registering for the class. 


A consult BEFORE registering: This gives you the opportunity for us to meet, for you to ask questions about the class, and for me to get to know where you are at as we begin. Find a time and sign-up here!

A consult AFTER you register: If you know you are ready to sign-up, and you've completed your registration, great! We will still set up a time so that I can meet you one-on-one before the class begins. 

Deadline info:

Early Bird Pricing:

Register & Make payment by

Fri., March 8th, 2024

Take $50 off the full price of CLASS & COURSE materials.

Deadline to Register & Pay: 

Wed., March 27th, 2024

Make the investment to soul-satisfying joy!

Perspective / Cost Comparison: 

One 60 min. private voice lesson in this caliber is easily $90-$120.

Compare Ten private lessons: $900-$120, plus the Curriculum Course $269 = $1,1609-$1469 to $569, and you can see your savings. 

You are worthy of having music and singing in your life!

Not sure? Come to the INTRO WORKSHOP!




Attend the INTRO WORKSHOP FOR $33.

If you SIGN UP for the 10-week class, you'll receive $20 off your tuition.

Who's Teaching?

Jen Lobo Rose

Singer, voice teacher, Somatic Voicework (TM) practitioner, vibrational sound therapy practitioner, composer, and owner of ResonateYou, established in August 2019.


Jen has been performing since she was 9 years old, and loves to help people learn about their body as their instrument; it’s her favorite thing to do. She has been teaching voice for over 20 years to people of all ages: pre-teens, teens, and adults. Jen has been a member of NATS since 2014.


Gettysburg College, New York University, Manhattan School of Music, The Philadelphia Orchestra, The LoVetri Method, and the “singing your heart out while doing the dishes” method are all very important educational experiences in her background, as well as 20+ musicals on various stages throughout the US. 


She loves to hike, look at the stars, intone on the chakras, and help people heal themselves through finding confidence in their voice.

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More Client experiences:

I have gone from never singing in public to singing karaoke and at open mics.
On my second time singing karaoke,
the crowd kept asking me to sing more and I wound up doing 5 songs.

Bill G., Lancaster, PA

for the 10-week class!

Ready to connect?

Let's do a 15-20 min.

Zoom consult

before or after you register


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Reflections from the

11 singers got a sneak preview

of the 10-week class during the



"I came expecting one thing, but it was so not what I expected. It brought me joy. I am burnt out, and I just need joy in my life."  --Stephanie P.

"I had a lovely time last night and felt very welcome. Just yesterday I was feeling nostalgic for when I used to sing in church, I haven't really had a space for low pressure singing with others and your class hit that feeling really well. I sometimes feel out of place at a lot of these things until I settle in and even then, but your approach, I wish I could capture it into words more, that worry, just kinda flew out the window after a while. It was very freeing. Looking forward to singing together more!"  ---Kermit M.

"I am really working on finding my voice. I was TERRIFIED to sing, but then I did it, and I was ok!" --Jenn P.

"I loved the group dynamic and overall comfort in that group!"

—Lisa L.

Here's our space:


Not sure? Come to the INTRO WORKSHOP!




Attend the INTRO WORKSHOP FOR $33.

If you SIGN UP for the 10-week class, you'll receive $20 off your tuition.

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