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How I stay grounded through the pandemic and what continues to help me thrive: My Morning Practice

I’d like to share my story about what got me through the past two years.

This practice continues to sustain me, and helps me thrive in a world where we feel like we are simply trying to emotionally survive each day.

When I wake up in the morning, I start with a glass of hydrating, mineral packed water. (Yep, that's Emergen-C).

I settle myself on the floor, gently massaging my feet and toes, rolling my shoulders, and rubbing my hands on my face and neck.

I wake up my back and torso with cat/cow stretches. I spend time here as my 45-year-old body has been sleeping all night, and it sincerely needs its time to move.

Moving into a seated position again, I stretch my arms over my head, moving from side to side, and gently touching the ground, or twisting my torso.

After a number of these gentle, easy stretches, I move into a more traditional sun salutation in yogic flow.

Finally, I stand and stretch out my arms as if a long ballet position moving them from side to side, then moving into standing crunches for a couple of minutes, and ending with a few backward lunges.

This is my daily morning body practice that lasts about 15 minutes.

Now my heart is warmer and my body awakening.

Deepak Chopra talks about the physical practice of yoga as the warm-up before meditation in yoga.

When your body is present and calm, your mind can be present and calm.

When our minds are calmer, our bodies are healthier. Our parasympathetic nervous system can balance our sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight, freeze, fawn).

Here’s where my daily practice differs from a traditional silent meditation practice.

When I settle down into my seated meditation position, I am not silent.

Instead, I intone. I sing. I release sound out of my body on long, sustained pitches.

This practice is a slow exhale which activates the diaphragm, giving all of the internal organs a nice massage.

The sound I release focuses my mind rather than my thoughts crowding out the silence.

The practice is not about sounding “good”, or getting anything “right,”

The practice is a release of all the energy and emotions that get trapped inside me.

It is similar to a food detox or juice cleanse. It is a sound detox.

When I intone on each chakra of my body, I think about the chakra as a color and a pitch that works for me in the moment.

The vibrations and sound that my body creates reverberate throughout my skin, muscle, and bone, like ripples in water.

I set an intention around something I want to receive that day: peace, calm, love, assistance.

I work with the vibrations being released, with the intention I’ve set, and with the faith and trust that this practice will support me throughout the day.

When I miss this daily practice, I can often feel myself becoming more irritable or anxious. Things can feel more challenging.
When I do my practice, I feel more focused and grounded, and the day unfolds more easily.
Things line up more. It’s almost like magic.

When I take this short time each day where I am focused on my well-being, I am able to show up for myself, and others in my life.

I am not a yoga teacher.…yet. I am not a spiritual leader.…yet.

I am a voice specialist and a sound healing practitioner.

If you are struggling to find a center point amidst all the chaos, I can teach you how to intone on the chakras, energy points in your body, so that you can feel more grounded, less irritable, and be more open to connecting to the inherent energy that is around us.

For me, silent meditation was hard. And while I like guided meditation, it felt, well...guided.

When you learn to intone on the chakras, it’s something that YOU can do for yourself, at your own pace, with your unique tone, setting your own intentions.

I recorded a set of three videos: "Intoning on the Chakras" Mini-Course, that can teach you how to do this practice for yourself:

Part 1: Introducing the concepts of sound meditation, chakras, toning, and how to do the actual practice. (28 min.)

Part 2: Full guided sound meditation (10min.)

Part 3: How to do the practice with more ease. If the breath doesn’t feel “easy” or if the throat feels tight, this helps work on physical adjustments to make it easier to access your sound. (24 min.)

I made these videos in 2020. They rested there, sitting for two years, waiting for me to get them out into the world. It’s way past time for me to share them with you.

It’s now up to you to make the choice to press play.

It will take you about an hour to view all 3 modules, but it can help you FOREVER!

When you start to incorporate this daily practice (6-12 min) for yourself, notice what changes.

And when you start to notice, please reach out and share with me.

How much is it?

As I have come to realize, and you may have heard as well, money is an energy exchange.

When you give money, you are often making a commitment to do something.

This is an opportunity to do something for yourself. And when you do something for yourself, you are really doing something for others. Changing ourselves is the single greatest way to change the world around us.

I first listed this offering at $100, because I believe that is a good assessment of its value. I later realized that I wanted to make it accessible to a wider group of people, so I changed the offer to $49.

With inflation, economic instability, social and political unrest, and constant structural changes, I want more than ever for people to have access to this practice, so that you can begin NOW to feel more grounded amidst the feeling of unrest.

So, I am making this available for $25 for July only.

Use this code at check out: “25inJuly

My goal isn’t to earn a lot of money from this endeavor. However, I do need to pay the costs to host the site online. This July pricing helps cover those costs.

I am dedicated to creating work in this world which will help others. When I can financially sustain myself, then I am able to do the work that I bring to this world, which is to be a shining light through my singing and teaching.

If you would like to support me and the work that I do, you can also do so by making this purchase.

If you are able and would like to pay full price for the videos, feel free to do that as well, (just skip using the code!)

Most importantly, allow yourself to receive this teaching, and help to incorporate peace and wellbeing into your day.

Where do I sign-up? Right here.

Remember, use code: “25inJuly” to pay just $25. And feel free to share this code with others who you think could benefit as well.

And if you’d like to connect with me live, I’m on YouTube and Instagram on Thursday mornings at 8:45am. Join me and say hi! Or watch the replay later.

Your choice:

You have a choice to put good food in your body. You have the choice to go to sleep at a reasonable time. You have the choice each day to live in a world where your choices actually do matter.

Even when others might try to say you don’t have a choice, you do. You are free.

Make the choice and give yourself the ability to move through life in a calmer, more grounded, and focused way.

Reach out with questions:

Stay hydrated,


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