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The “Sing Your Heart Out” Voice Fundamentals Course

where practical & technical expertise, 

somatic mindfulness, 

and loving self-compassion meet.

Get “out of the dark” about your body as your instrument.


If you’ve always wanted to sing, but was never sure how to “get there,” the “Sing Your Heart Out” Voice Fundamentals Course gives you a clear path to understanding “your body as your instrument” with a heart-centered focus.


Jen Lobo Rose, a singer/performer since age 9, and a voice teacher for over 22 years…

  • Combines somatic mindfulness 

  • Technical exercises for the voice and body

  • In a supporting, nurturing learning environment 

=> to bring about vocal progress in each individual

Where are you in your singing journey?


Are you someone who always wanted to sing…

…but never felt comfortable because of past experiences?


Did you always want to participate in life’s simple joys, like feeling comfortable singing “Happy Birthday” at gatherings…(without being made fun of by unhelpful “friends” or family)?

=> You have a right to sing, and there is a process that can help you move out of your discomfort zone. 


It’s not just “mindset,” it’s also simple physiology that YOU CAN learn.

Are you already

A singer, 

but feel inconsistent?

…when you open your mouth to sing, does your voice

sometimes sound great,

sometimes not so much?


Do you feel unsure of how you’re you’re producing, and wish you could have a singing process to help you gain confidence and consistency?


=> You can actually start to CHOOSE the sounds that you want to start making and your body responds with how you hoped!


Are you someone who had some training,

but it’s gotten muddied in your brain…

…and you just need a clear path to help your voice consistently grow more powerful and confident? 


Do you want a strong foundation to help unlock your potential?


=> There is a simpler way.


You will learn that “body is your instrument”, and then…
you’ll let all the hard work go, 
find your heart center, 
and express what your soul longs to sing. 

Have you ever said to yourself?

It feels like my voice gets stuck in my throat on certain notes? How do I get unstuck and not have that feeling?


Why does my voice sometimes get stuck in my throat?


I wish I could understand what “breath support” is all about.


I wish I could sing with ease and confidence.

The “Sing Your Heart Out” Voice Fundamentals Course:

where practical & technical expertise, 

somatic mindfulness, 

and loving self-compassion meet.

Key Benefits

Understand what “breath support” means and how to use it in your singing


Smooth out the “flip” or “stuck” feeling when moving from a lower note to a higher note


Learn how to relax the muscles that lead to constriction and straining in your throat


Utilize your WHOLE voice and body to enjoy making music confidently with others


Learn how to give yourself loving compassion as work through your singing journey

Additional Components:

Tools for how to find sheet music, lyrics page, karaoke tracks for the song you want to sing


Practicing tactics and easy to use, practice videos to follow along with


Vocal Anatomy and Vocal Health for Singing


Intro to song analysis and auditioning


Affirmations to help you on your journey


Bonus: Songs composed by Jen Lobo Rose for sound healing/calming techniques

How it works: Just press play, learn, and sing along.


The course is made up of: 

  • Six Learning Modules, plus a pre-week prep, and a bonus module of songs

  • 42 easy-to-digest, self-paced, video learning tutorials (VLT) that range in length from 2-12 minutes.

  • 21 targeted, video voice exercises (VVE) for you to sing along with for practice.  (You don’t have to figure out how to play the piano to accompany your voice. You’ll sing along with me!)

  • 7 Printable .pdfs of practical tactics, journal prompts, and reflections

  • Estimate 7 to 12 weeks to complete all videos/materials.

  • While you work, you will have the option to sign-up with ResonateYou's Group Monthly classes to go deeper and have personal feedback (monthly memberships available at an additional cost).

The 6+ Modules Include:

Pre-Week: Writing Your Vision & Prep for Your Journey

Module 1: The Source: The Breath/Respiration 

Module 2: The Body: Relaxation, Stance, and the Articulators

Module 3: The Sound (Phonation), Pt. 1: Head Voice/Chest Voice

Module 4: The Sound (Phonation), Pt. 2, Mixing and Belting

Module 5: Vocal Health & Anatomy

Module 6: Affirmations & Singing Your Song

Bonuses: Jen’s Songs and other resources

What's Included:


A note from Jen Lobo Rose, singer, voice teacher, and owner of ResonateYou:

I grew up with a naturally gifted singing voice and a huge curiosity to figure things out.


However, I wasn’t always consistent in my singing voice, even if I had “gotten” solos in chorus, or leads in the musicals. 


Even as a “good singer,” I felt a lot of insecurity when I tried to sing a certain note, and something ELSE came out. 


I just couldn’t consistently make the sounds I wanted to make.


I often asked myself the following question:


“Why does my voice sometimes work really well, and sometimes not at all?”

The heart of singing is finding joy in your own voice.

My joy is helping my students succeed, in whatever “success” means to them.


I have been a professional singer, arts administrator, a choral director, and always a voice teacher. The work that I have derived the most satisfaction from in life is helping others learn how to sing.


I have helped teens feel confident in auditions, successfully land leads in musicals, help them enter college music programs, and go on to be professional singers, leaders in music, and even voice teachers.


I have helped adults of all ages find their authentic singing voice, which has helped them heal from past negative experiences of singing.


I have helped people realize that their voice doesn’t have to be “perfect,” but they can reach a level that it is acceptable “enough” to bring them their own self-satisfaction—knowing that they can fully participate in life through singing.  —This is often the most rewarding aspect of my work.

I made the “Sing Your Heart Out” Voice Fundamentals Course because I am only one person, but I have a sincere desire to help many more people fully participate in life through confident singing.


It really is learnable, as I have taught over 500+ people in my career.


I want to share my teaching with others who would love to “take a voice lesson,” but might not be able to “get on my schedule” or may not be able to afford 3-12 months of consistent voice lessons.


This is a way to unlock your voice, unlock your potential, and fall in love with your singing voice.

What People are Saying:

Anna M.,

adult singer from PA

"I wasn’t sure I wanted to actually sign up for lessons so this class seemed to be a perfect opportunity to dip my toe in the water and learn a little bit about singing so I decided to try it. To my surprise it was a very joyful thing to sing and learning how to improve and move forward was very exciting.  I no longer feel I have to turn the radio up to drown out my own voice when I sing.  I now have things I can work on with my voice to improve and I enjoy it so much more."

Mary Kate K.

teen to adult singer, from FL

“Jennifer is the reason I truly learned how to sing properly.  I had some understanding about the physicality of singing, but she not only furthered my scientific understanding of my vocals and such, but exquisitely taught the art of singing and performing; learning how to mix, for example, is one of the most valuable tools I learned from Jennifer. 

In addition, she navigates when to push/encourage her students, getting them out of their comfort zones thus improving their vocal abilities and gaining confidence in themselves.”

Katie O.,

parent of singer, PA

“I am blown away by the amount of knowledge Jennifer brings to her teaching.  She is a gifted, patient teacher.  Jennifer also works well with my daughter on the emotional/spiritual side of sharing her voice.”

Even as a “good” singer growing up, it took years of time and dedication to come into my full and consistent singing voice.
It took constant study, deep listening, grappling with insecurities, and lots of time to practice my craft over many years.

My background in singing includes over 30+ years onstage through musical theatre, jazz, choral directing, and sound healing meditations.


I was able to attend Gettsyburg College (B.A. in Music), New York University (M. A. in Voice Performance), and learn how to teach others voice through my Somatic Voicework® training with Jeanie LoVetri.


Through my lens of teaching of over 20 years, I have been able to take all that I have learned and distill into ways that people can truly embody their voice. 

Much that is good and lasting happens as a result of long-term dedication. So, this course won’t get you an incredible voice in just 7 weeks. The free videos on youtube will make promises, but I won’t.


The course will however, give you a foundation of:

  • understanding of how your voice works from your body perspective

  • peering open of what goes into study

  • how to study your own voice

  • provides you the language in order to begin the longer journey of going inward of your own self-study of your voice.


This course gives you the tools:

  • to learn what’s going on inside

  • sets up the framework for deep listening in your body,

  • so that you can continue to listen, notice, and gain your own insight into your voice and how it works for you.


We have this deep challenge of wanting to figure out “us,” why are we the way that we are.


And in this case, “Why does my voice make these sounds that feel uncomfortable and how do I get it 'better'?” 


This course gives you the foundation from which to begin to understand this question, and the foundation to grow in your voice as a singer through and from your own self-study.


Learn THE context to understanding your body as your instrument. 

Get ready to “Sing Your Heart Out”!

Voice lessons for 3 months (once/week for 60min.) are easily $1080. 


This course, to be studied over 7-12 weeks (work at your own pace), is offered only at $269, 75% less than regular voice lessons.


This course is really FUNDAMENTAL to your base of learning to sing. And you’ll have all of the video voice exercises to sing along with to support your study with ease.

GIVE YOURSELF the ability to start your own singing journey. 

If you’re not quite ready, or unsure, take a mini-lesson from me: "Sing With Me" video.

Jen smile fave.jpg
Everybody has the right to enjoy singing in their life. 

You can sing. You just need the tools.

They are in your body, and once you have mindful access to your body as your instrument, and explore your voice in a nurturing environment, you will find yourself singing with confidence and joy.


The Sing Your Heart Out Voice Fundamentals Course: 


Vocal Technique

Somatic Mindfulness

Heart-Centered pathways

to understand your body as your instrument.

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