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Calming Sounds

Restorative Energy



Intone on the Chakras

Do you know that your voice has healing frequencies for your body? Vocal toning on the chakras is a simple sound practice that you can do daily for clearing, grounding, and just feeling better. 

Download your .pdf "Guide to Intoning on the Chakras" here and learn more!

What is Sound Meditation? Also know as a “Sound Bath” or “Sound Immersion,” it’s any form of sound involving metal singing bowls, percussion, chimes, gongs, tuning forks, crystal bowls, intoning, and/or chanting to create a soundscape in which to be able to meditate.


The sound itself creates a lower brainwave state to help you relax without having to “work as hard” to settle and calm the mind. The sound frequencies enter our ears and body, and work to raise the parasympathetic part of our nervous system, “the rest & digest,” and to lower the sympathetic part: the “fight or flight.” 


Intoning, or holding out sound or a long exhalation on breath stimulates the vagus nerve which has so many beneficial effects on our physical body. Those physiological effects then go on to benefit our emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Jen has been leading her own sound meditations online since October 2020. Even though they are online, the sounds are still able to translate well into calming sonorities for our bodies. Often, they can also help move “stuck” energy in our body, especially if you take part in intoning on the chakras. 


A key aspect of sound meditation is to begin with an “intention.” A group intention is set collectively, and each person can also set their own intention. The sharing can be done out loud, or just personally to yourself. This collective energy can be very powerful and connecting to all who are “live” online together. 

In the last four years, Jen has turned to sound meditation as a way to find center, grounding, and as an alternative to silent meditation. After attending a “Sound Bath” in August 2018, she began to learn more about this growing field.


Jen trained with the Vibrational Sound Association in June 2019 where she officially became a Vibrational Sound Therapy Practitioner. She has also worked and trained with local sound healer, Lana Ryder, of SoundwiseHealth, in ReikiVoice and has participated with the Divine Feminine Collective, a group of local women sound healers singing and leading live sound meditations (pre-Covid). 



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