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Info on the Studio:

Safe Space Inclusion Policy:

ResonateYou is dedicated to creating a safe space for all people to learn or relax in. ResonateYou does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, body size, physical appearance, disability, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, spirituality, or lack thereof.

As a safe space, we also do not tolerate any persons who engage in discrimination of any kind. ResonateYou reserves the right to not serve a client who engages in discriminatory behavior or who makes others feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.



ResonateYou currently offers lesson online through the Zoom platform or in person in Lititz/Lancaster, PA.

Hours of Operation:

ResonateYou is open by appointment only. Please schedule an appointment through MyMusicStaff.


Online lessons really do work! Here are some things to consider and expect:


1. Have a zoom account on either your computer or iPad.

2. Have your phone available for karaoke tracks.

3. Be sure your internet connection is ready and stable. (There always might be interference, but for the most part, the audio and visuals work well.)

4. Be sure there is not too many distractions going on in the room you'll be singing in.

5. Be sure you're not backlit (light behind you darkening your face.)

6. Try and get your camera eye level, so that I'm not looking "up" at you from below.

During the lesson expectations:

1. You will attend online at your scheduled lesson time.

2. We will work on audio setup at the first lesson.

3. Yes, there is a delay in sound. We will not be singing at the exact same time.

4. We will engage in a lot of "call and response" activities.

5. You will gain more independence of your vocal part.

6. You will use a karaoke track on your side to accompany yourself in your songs!

7. Or, I will send you a piano accompaniment straight to your phone in the form of a texted voice memo.


1. You will get a recording of your lesson after its complete!

2. You will also receive lesson notes from me in an email.

3. You will have just had a voice lesson and your heart will feel a little bit lighter!

Sign-up for yours today!

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