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May 2020 Newsletter, What's Up?

May 1, 2020

Dear Clients of ResonateYou,

It’s May, and I am wanting to reach out to continue to give you updates and communication. There is still a lot of confusing information out there; a labyrinth which we are all trying to walk through and navigate. As we do, continue to have patience with yourself and those around you. Thank you for having patience with me and the technology we use that affords us interaction!

I am thankful to continue to be able to do my job with your support. I love connecting with you or your child each week in voice lessons over zoom/online. I am thankful for that technology and it really does work…for now!

Voice Lessons in May: What to know

  • I am still offering voice lessons via zoom in May. I will be holding off on “in-person” lessons for this month.

  • There is finally a bit of a “regular schedule” with weekly and bi-weekly students.

  • Please confirm (email me back) if you will be continuing you or your child’s lesson for the month of May.

  • If so, I will continue to schedule you in, and email you zoom invitations.

Payment: Thank you!

  • Thank you for your ongoing support of ResonateYou. Supporting a small, local business right now is so timely and important, and I thank you.

  • You may continue to pay via Venmo, Paypal, or mailing a check. (Regular price, or Pay-What-You-Can).

Music Theatre Trivia: Sunday, May 3rd at 4pm

A FREE offering to Middle and High school Voice students! I will be your virtual GAME show host this Sunday in a Music Theatre Trivia ZOOM event. If you haven’t already RSVP’d, please do so! I have had 6 students sign-up, but 10 people responded on the survey online, so if you haven’t yet emailed me that you’re coming, please do so!

I’d like to do a second TRVIA event this month, to be scheduled.

Studio Recital: To Be Scheduled

Originally, our studio recital was to be in-person on Friday, May 29th at Grandview United Methodist Church. At this time, that live event is cancelled.

I am considering having an online recital that same night (pre-recorded songs by the current voice students), to share with all, OR I might just move the recital to later in the summer when things open up more. I will be making that decision in the next few weeks as I gather more information.


NEW! Group Voice Lessons: ZOOM gathering space

Who this is for?

  • Current Students who want a refresher or who want an extra technique class for their voice each week.

  • Singers who have not sung for awhile and want to get back into it!

  • New students who want to learn about me and how I teach.

What will happen in the Group Lesson?

  • I will be leading the lesson in an informative, and a call-and-respond style.

  • It will be focused on body, breath, voice technique, and exercises.

  • I am choosing this format over Facebook “Live” because I am interested in seeing you while I teach.

  • Sometimes, the group will NOT be muted, so I can hear you echo me.

  • Other times, the group will be muted, so you won’t have to hear anyone else. You’ll simply hear me, and move and sing on your own at home.


  • It’s a group lesson on a sliding scale. ($2/$5/$10, whatever you can contribute.)

  • 45-50 min. In length.

  • Wednesdays in May at 7:15pm: May 13, 20, 27th.

Women’s Singing Circle offering: ZOOM gathering space

  • Thursdays in late May at 7:15pm: May 14th, 20th, and 28th.

  • Sliding scale. ($2/$5/$10, whatever you can contribute.)

  • 45-50 min. In length.

  • Singing, Chanting, Sharing, Moving, Connecting

For more information on either Group class, please reach out with questions. More details will be coming.

Vibrational Sound Therapy Sessions: What’s next?

For those who are interested in VST Sessions, I am not yet able to hold in-person sound sessions. Please be sure to keep a look out in June or July when things begin to re-open.


  • Keep holding your loved ones close.

  • Keep stockin’ the fridge.

  • Keep wearing your mask and washing your hands.

  • Keep your social distancing.

  • GET OUTSIDE and enjoy the glory of nature in Spring!

  • And keep making music that helps you feel better!


Jennifer Lobo

Owner, Teacher/ResonateYou

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