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Letter Addressing Covid-19

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Dear prospective, current clients, and families of ResonateYou,

As more and more reports of the spread of Covid-19 come out, I'd like to address how ResonateYou will be taking on responsible measures to ensure health and safety for all clients.

In the interest of my family and my own health, I've already taken the initiatives to wash my hands when I enter my business or home, use separate towels for each individual in the household, restrain from touching my face, use hand sanitizer when I can't wash my hands, and use paper towels or tissues when opening public doors. The adjustments have been intentional, and it's interesting how even after a week or so, they are becoming second nature (not as stressful).

On the business side, I've been wiping down the doorbell, doorknobs, handrails, and other community spaces with disinfectant. I also have clean, individual towels in the bathroom. Please take a look at this past blog for keeping your own immune system boosted during this time.

Going forth, as you enter, I will be asking you to wash your hands in the bathroom (soapy for at least 20 seconds), and use hand sanitizer if needed in between. Tissues will be provided for seasonal allergy sniffles, and any coughs that come up.

However, if you are sick (any sickness), please do let me know and do stay at home. Don't feel pressure that you have to come in. However, if you would like a lesson, but would like one from home, we can arrange that through the online video conferencing platform, FaceTime is another options if that suits.

As noted in the March newsletter, is a free platform to anyone with an internet connection. It's easy to setup and the option is available to anyone who would like it. I have already begun zoom lessons for those who have expressed interest as a precautionary measure.

I recently read an article that talked about honoring people’s processes in how they are dealing with this potential threat. As a safe and nurturing space, I feel it's important to honor all of the emotions that people might be going through as they encounter this ongoing news.  Each person will go through their own way of dealing with it. Anything from denial, fear, preparing, positivity, anxiety, ups and downs, and maybe all of the above. The article said that it was important to honor these processes because we haven’t dealt with something like this before. So go easy on how people around you are reacting to it. Try not to judge them so much; listen, support, and let them go through this process. As well as yourself. Go easy on yourself in how you deal with it. Try to be kind to yourself, and not dwell in too much fear. Keep up a deep bres well as yourself. Go easy on yourself in how you deal with it. Keep up a good breathing practice.

At this time, it seems that social distancing seems to be a good option to lessen the spread significantly. I support this measure. However, social distancing sounds so lonely. Community (and I would add music) is what helps make people feel connected as a society. And when stress arises, taking healthy measures like eating well, sleeping well, breathing, and exercise are so important to your mental well-being which impacts a healthy physical well-being. 

Music is a part of that mental-well being, and it also has deep, positive physical impacts. Making music and interacting with others helps our nervous system; it helps stimulate the vagus nerve which helps calm the body, and helps our overall mental well-being which helps our physical well-being. Therefore, if we get to the point of all being home, please know that I plan on continuing to teach via zoom. Music will be a good outlet, your go-to feel good medicine.

Until then, be well, be kind to those around you. Please reach out with any questions or suggestions.


Jennifer at ResonateYou

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