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What is Vibrational Sound Therapy?

Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) is a relaxation modality, which involves the client laying on top of a massage table and a practitioner ringing a Himalayan Singing Bowls on or off the body to create an aural and vibrational experience to help promote well-being. The vibrations and sounds work to entrain the body into a relaxed state. The relaxed state helps to raise the parasympathic part of the nervous system ("rest & digest" part), to balance out the sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight part), to create consonance (or more balance) in your nervous system. 


In our current culture, we live in the "fight or flight" state for more hours in the day that we used to. By raising our parasympathetic part, we create balance in our body to help our mental and physical well-being. Clients who have had a 30 or 50 minute session report the following outcomes: feeling relaxed, feeling refreshed, more mental focus and clarity, less reactivity, and able to sleep better at night.

"VST is not meant to diagnose or cure any diseases. Our modality is a method of deep relaxation that can relieve stress and improve emotional well-being. The applied use of sound and intention can be a pathway to the meditative state that is both therapeutic and enjoyable." --from the Vibrational Sound Association.

What is a Himalayan Singing Bowl?


The history of singing bowls in the Himalayan Region that encompasses India, Nepal, and the region of China that is known as Tibet goes back more than two thousands years. The bowls were created and used as bowls (!).​ But there is also evidence that the Rin gongs from Japan or the traditional bells of China had Eastern influences on the Himalayan bowls, to be also incorporated as meditative.

What are Therapeutic Singing Bowls which are used in VST?

Therapeutic singing bowls are designed specifically for therapy, and differ in many aspects from traditional Tibetan bowls, and are one-of-a-kind. They are the first "singing bowls" designed as a tool to be provide application of vibration directly to the body. The older process of the hand-hammered bowl has been refined in modern times to an exact science to create bowls that can sing more clearly and transmit more energy through greater vibrations than ever before. Therapeutic bowls have cleaner sound due to the finishing process while still having a rich multitude of overtones. 

What is your training?

My training is through the Vibrational Sound Association (VSA), I became interested in VST after I encountered the concept of sound healing through my own experiences and research. When I had my first VST session with Lori Stal, I was hooked! And I wanted to become a practitioner and engage in the art of healing, or in helping others to heal themselves. I also work with Lana Ryder, locally, of Soundwise Health as well as Sage Academy of Sound in Woodstock, NY.

What is beta, alpha, and theta brainwave states?

Much like the wavelengths of vibration that produce sounds, our brains produce their own unique brainwaves. Five distinct brainwaves have been identified. Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. Each corresponds with a specific range of HZ frequencies, and each is associated with characteristics of brain activity.

Beta (14-30Hs) is associated with waking time, when we are active and alert. Alpha (7-14HZ) is a slower brain state and is the time just before you fall asleep, deep relaxing or daydreaming. Many VST clients will engage in this brainwave state during a session. Theta (4-7.5 Hz), is the state during deep meditation or light sleep. A few clients may take a light nap, and that's ok! The vibrations are still doing the therapeutic work on the nervous system.


What can I expect in a session? How should I prepare?

You can expect to be induced into deep relaxation or a meditative state. You should prepared to wear comfortable clothes. You will lay on a massage table, fully clothed, but any metal on the clothing should be removed (i.e. belts. etc.), so as not to vibrate along with the bowls! If you have any metal in your body (besides teeth fillings), you should let the practitioner know ahead of time. You will fill out a short questionnaire before-hand so that I can prepare for your sound session according to your physical needs. Come with an open mind; you may leave with a more open heart.

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