May 2021


Dear Client/Singer/Family of ResonateYou,


    Thank you for being a HUGE part of ResonateYou! You are a part of a community of people who are using their singing voice in a healthy and resonant way to feel more wholeness within yourself and growth in your voice. This joy and love spreads out into the world—it is truly contagious!

    This letter outlines to my core clients what is coming next. As you know, my first priority in my studio is to teach voice lessons, private one-on-one: that is where I feel most at home in this journey of life. I will be continuing to do that. I also have other ideas/plans I would like to share with you. 

    This letter also addresses thoughts and policies about interacting with in-person lessons, and an adjustment of my current teaching voice rate that will be going up as of August 2021.



    If you’ve been with me since March 2020, you know that I have continued to follow the guidelines that the CDC has outlined as well as following the research within the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS). 

    Since the main spread of Covid-19 is still linked to aerosols, that continues to be a larger risk with singing: the amount of forced air as we sing. I have chosen to be vaccinated this year to limit my risk of infection. As we know, the CDC has said when people who are vaccinated (even not in the same pod family) are in the same room, there is a lower risk of transmission and infection.

    I have followed the guidelines that they have set forth thus far, and would like to also trust this new guideline as it will enable me to begin to teach in-person lessons.

    I respect and understand that being vaccinated is a personal choice for each individual and am open to accepting/understanding all sides. Whether you are vaccinated or not, I still would like to teach you voice.


When I open my new space in July, these are the protocols that I feel comfortable moving forward to do so with teaching in-person lessons. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


Options for lessons:

  1. BOTH adults or adult/teen vaccinated - If both myself and one student in the room are fully vaccinated, at this time, I feel comfortable teaching in-person lessons indoors without masks.

  2. One person not vaccinated - masks on - if indoors: If a person is not vaccinated, I will be comfortable to teach you indoors, if both of us are masked. My mask is to protect you (should I be carrying anything), and your mask on is to protect the air in my studio space. Because I will may have other unvaccinated people in the space or in my home.

  3. If a student is not vaccinated, and you do not wish to wear a mask, I will be comfortable teaching you in-person for an OUTDOOR lesson (weather permitting), or otherwise, still online.


Ongoing protocols with my new indoor studio:

  • I will be running an air filter in the room during and in between in-person lessons.
  • I will leave 15 min. of time in between students to clear the air, if needed; that will mean that we will need to end our lessons on time to provide that buffer.

  • Going forward, if you have or come into contact with anyone who may have had COVID-19 after coming to an indoor or outdoor lesson, I ask that you disclose this information to me so that I may also disclose that to others for contact tracing.


Online or In-Person?:

If you feel comfortable being in person, but sometimes want to do an online lesson, that’s fine too. We will just need to establish the location ahead of time, at least by the morning of the lesson, not less than that.


At times, I may be out-of-town this summer and will ask for you to participate in an online lesson versus an in-person lesson simply because I may not be in my home studio. You may also choose to do this if you are out of town, but still would like to keep your lesson. The determined location will be reflected in the MyMusicStaff portal.


Adjusting as necessary:

As we move into the fall and winter, I am aware that variants may interfere with in-person singing again as we navigate the future of COVID-19. As such occasions of risk may arise, I will communicate any changes to the status of lessons/locations.


Voice Lessons Rates to accommodate the studio:

    When I opened for business in August 2019, I entered the Lancaster market on par with other voice teachers in the area. While I already had 18 years of experience at that point, I felt that was appropriate to begin to offer voice lessons again from a business standpoint.

    As COVID continued in August 2020, I did not want to raise my rates amidst the backdrop of a pandemic. 

    As we are coming through this time, my capacity to take on any more students at this time is slowing down, and I am reaching capacity. 

    As I do this, I realize that my energy for accommodating that many students is very tiring for me. I want to be able to be fully present for each individual lesson that I am teaching, and in order to do so, I am needing to be respectful of my time, expertise, and income. 


Therefore, as of August 2021:


As monthly client, if you pay for 2, or 4 lessons at the beginning of each month:

30min/$35 ($70/140)

45 min/$50 ($100/200)

60 min/(in-person only, not on zoom)/$70. ($140/280)


If you only pay for one lesson at a time:





The last month of the current rate will be July 2021. At the end July, I will send out the new rate notification to begin in August.


Please let me know if you have any questions. If the private lesson rate will be out of your family’s budget, please feel free to talk with me. Also, I will be offering Group Classes. This may be an alternative to private one-on-one lessons.


GROUP CLASSES: it begins with the VOCAL Tune-Ups! and then, who knows…?


In June, I will be introducing the VOCAL Tune-UPs! “Tune in to Tune-UP!”

Tues., Jun 15th and/or Wed., June 23rd

  • 6pm: ages 11-17

  • 7pm: adults

  • Learn more about this class in the program brochure from the concert!


For some time, I have wanted to offer group classes for different age groups (kids, pre-teens, teens, and adults). 


I have attended some online this year with others, and found them to be very freeing. You are able to interact with a teacher from the comfort of your home, but not have to sing in front of others. It’s a time for you to learn, but also to simply just to release your sound, which feels GOOD, and so necessary to healing this year.


I am thinking of two different types offerings:


1.) A “drop-in” type of class (like the Vocal Tune-Ups): When you want to get a good vocal work-out in (with me!), come online, move, warm-up and sing with me, and we’ll work on a song or two each time with all. Attendees may range from 3 to 25.


2.) A more intimate focused singing circle, where a small group (6-12) does all of the above, but also is interested in a time to share and connect with others. This would be for a dedicated amount of weeks with a commitment. (Kind of like the Teen Empowerment class I offered this spring.)


As I move forward in these offerings, I am open to input and interest from current students in how they might want to participate. 


These classes would most likely be offered in a sliding scale fee to accommodate all income levels. 


If either of these types of classes are of interest, please note on your response form. It doesn’t mean you’re making a commitment, just if you’re interested!



Sound Meditations and Vibrational Sound Therapy Sessions:


In the past year, I offered Online Sound Meditations as a way for people to listen to the healing power of sound through my voice and singing bowls, every other Wednesday night at 8pm. I may offer these from time-to-time as schedule allows.


Prior to March 2020, I offered Vibrational Sound Therapy which is a relaxation technique that takes the client into a very relaxed state through sound as well: bowls laid atop of the body and rung, to create sound and vibration to go deep into the body, to allow the client to go into a deep meditative state. 


I will be offering these sound sessions again as I move into my new studio space. You’ll be able to learn more about this amazing relaxation modality as a therapeutic form of self-care. (Hour Session: $85 / Half hour Session: $40)




Please fill out Summer Lesson Form.  Please return your form by May 31, 2021, to set-up your summer lessons. 

We will resume lessons the week of Mon., July 5th.


At the end of the form is an opportunity for you to write a review on your lessons this year, or give any feedback toward improvements in the future. Be sure to Like or Follow on FB/IG/or YouTube if you use any of those platforms!


Singers, families, clients, I look forward to seeing YOU in the new studio space or online in June (Vocal Tune-Ups!) or July!

Thank you for being a part of ResonateYou!





Jennifer Lobo