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Update COVID policy as of September 1, 2021


Dear families,

I have been giving the current situation a lot of thought and research as I navigate the rising Delta Variant, just like everyone else.

Currently, I am hearing of more positive COVID infections, many closer to my family and friend circles, than I have since the pandemic began in early 2020. 

So, given the continued dramatic increase in cases in Lancaster County, I feel it’s prudent to the health of all of my clients and my own family, to keep some current policies and practices in place, as well as make the changes outlined below:


Current Practices to be Continued:

Use of a HEPA filter, fan, screened windows, hand sanitizer, and the ability to stand 6-feet apart for indoor lessons in my studio (see below for additional policies related to indoor lessons).

I am fully vaccinated as of May 2021.

Spacing out lessons with approx. 15 min. in between each in-person lesson (one of the reasons why starting and ending on time is important).


Updated Additional COVID Policies Effective Sept. 1, 2021:

1. If you are not vaccinated, I will still offer outdoors lessons, weather permitting, or online lessons. 

    • Because singing produces more aerosols and the Delta variant is much more contagious, I am not comfortable having indoor lessons with masked, but unvaccinated individuals at this time.

2. If you are vaccinated, I am still comfortable teaching indoors, but now with both of us wearing masks during the lesson. We can also meet online, or outdoors without masks, weather permitting. Please let me know your preference each week.

    • If you seen me for a lesson indoors recently, I have been using a “singer’s mask” to teach. This mask allows for more space to more the mouth while singing and thicker, double-layer of material. 

    • Many choir directors and other singers have used a singer’s mask as an alternative to a regular mask so that it’s easier to sing with. I strongly encourage you to purchase one if you will be indoors for your lesson. It’s much more comfortable!

    • A quick google search for "Singer's Mask" will bring up a lot of good options online. Please reach out if you have more questions.

3. If at any time you know or feel you many have been exposed to COVID, but feel healthy for a singing lesson, please let me know BEFORE our lesson, and elect an Online lesson instead of in-person.



As a business owner, I do not want to jeopardize the health of my clients, their families, or my own family.

From qualitative second-hand experiences, recent news, and continued research, it is likely that a vaccinated person will be able to get through a mild COVID case pretty well. That’s good news.  However, there are cases of LONG covid, that have the potential to affect the voice. 

As a singer, that’s not a risk I feel comfortable taking with singing and teaching as my source of income.  Additionally, that is NOT something I would want to jeopardize for your voice either. 

Thank you for your understanding, and please reach out with any questions or thoughts.



Lastly, I get to connect and sing with my clients each day, and that is a source of life-giving inspiration!

YOU are participating in a joy-giving, life-enhancing experience that has lasting effects on your well-being. I know that you don’t take this for granted, because you show up to every lesson. 

It’s not just a gift that you are giving to yourself or your child: music and the ability to sing freely and confidently is a human right that all people should get to enjoy and share. 

I firmly believe we can do this safely and also with as much comfort as possible.


All the best,


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